FIRST RELEASE – luminance ratio / steve roden — split 7″ — OUT NOW!!! —

luminance ratio / steve roden — split 7″  (ltd ed. 200 copies)

kinky gabber and fratto9 under the sky are proud to present the first volume of the “seven inch series”, a series of limited and coloured 7″, in which the band luminance ratio collaborates with different artists and musicians from the electro-acoustic and ambient scene all over the world. this first chapter features a track by the american musician, artist and performer steve roden. luminance ratio presents the new line-up which involves the experimental guitarist luca mauri (guitars and effects) and the noiser luca sigurtà (tapes, electronic junk, contact mics), besides the original member gianmaria aprile (guitar, sitar, guqin, kaosspad) and andrea “ICS” ferraris (laptop, bass, electronics). following the recent live activity (“nofest” in turin, “musiche possibili” in ivrea, “signal festival” in cagliari and support for jackie o´ motherfucker, amongst others), the band presents the track “reoccuring dreams”, which walks the thin line between electro-acoustic avant-garde and dreamy psychedelia.
steve roden, by his side, presents the song “marvelous is flairs”: arch drones, vocal loops and field recordings driven by a melancholic pulsation

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